I’m the owner of this website. My sole mission here is to find missing adults Missing kids. To give names to those who are unidentified. To help find justice for victims of crime. I’m not a business. I make no money off what I do here. It’s a labor of love. To the families. And their loved ones. Nor do I have nonprofit status. I work as an individual. What I do is strive to be as accurate and updated as I know how to be. To get it right. These are people who aren’t being covered by the media. It’s up to us to help keep their names and cases before the public. If I post a case which you know to be solved, let me know via the contact form below. You can help me help the public!

What to Know

I’m not a psychic. Nor do I support the worldview of those who claim that they know where a missing person can be found. As a follower of Jesus, I believe it is anti-God and occultic in nature. Scams abound in the world of the missing. Families of the missing need to be leery of anyone who makes claims that they can pull “magic strings” for them. Or find their missing loved ones. Trust this saying: If it sounds too good to be true, then it is! It’s my hope and prayer to help save lives through this site. To help end nightmares. And to help the world be a better place. Especially for those in the world of the missing. This site is here for educational purposes. For so many people need to be aware of these issues.

I’m not an official advocate for any specific case or any family. I would seek advocacy training if I knew of opportunities in my area. And my budget allowed it. If you need expert advice, seek a professional.

All the posters here are provided courtesy of the nonprofits below. I’m not affiliated with or a partner of any of these organizations or groups. Nor do I have ties with any other organization. And, they do not endorse me or this site.

LostNMissing, Inc.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Missouri Missing. Missouri is my lifelong home state. So I feel a special affinity for cases located in this state as it is my own state.

Locate the Missing

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

You can submit any tips here.

NOTE: A certain nonprofit has told me to never use download their posters on my website again. They state that this is for the protection of the families of the missing and their missing loved ones. And they state that this prohibition is for clarity for their followers. I have always provided attribution and linking back to them. And I have always striven to never mislead or confuse anyone. Yes, I know I’m not perfect and I can be as wrong as anyone. But I cannot support or endorse any group or person who protects or restricts their posters or materials when they should be shared (legally, of course, which I believe I was doing).

Report any tips concerning missing kids here.

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Got a suggestion? An update about a case? A word of encouragement? Want to share a story? Get in touch with me via the Contact form below!

-Lisa DeSherlia-

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