Consider Resource O Human Trafficking!

Consider Resource O Human Trafficking

Consider Resource O Human Trafficking!

Consider Resource O Human Trafficking!
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Consider Resource O Human Trafficking!

MADE IN THE USA: THE SEX TRAFFICKING OF AMERICA’S CHILDREN, was written by Alisa Jordheim. This resource actually focuses on sex trafficking, one form of human trafficking. Jordheim stars her book with a disclaimer about her decision to change names to protect the privacy and safety of individuals. She spreads the book in three parts. Part One is devoted to introducing readers to the tragedy of human trafficking. Part Two is devoted to five sex trafficking survivors who tell their stories. Part Three is devoting to showing the readers how to take action to counter this tragic epidemic.

Alisa Jordheim is the Founder and Executive Director of JUSTICE SOCIETY. It is an educational, consulting, and advocacy nonprofit that advances justice through connecting people and strategies. Jordheim goes to places where she is in a position to provide practical help to human trafficking victims. These services include providing sustainable jobs, places of safety, and education for the exploited.

Consider Resource O Human Trafficking!
Impact of Book

In a literary sense, this book is easy to read and follow. At the end of the book, the author provides a glossary of terms that are used in the sex industry. She has written this book for the lay person and writes in a conversational tone. Reading the accounts of each of the five survivors made me think of the unsolved missing child cases that I write about on this website. I sadly wonder some met with fates like those who tell their stories in this book. Only they never have been fortunate enough to be able to transition from victim to survivor.

The book stresses the tendency to run away repeatedly, as the number one risk to fall victim of human trafficking. This makes me think to young people I cover on this website, who run away more than once. Stats tell us that the majority of missing preteens and teens are runaways or, as the book calls some of them, throwaways.

Consider Resource O Human Trafficking!

I urge everyone passionate about ending human trafficking to consider this book resource. The author writes it for the lay person, one who is not steeped in the language of law, social work, forensics, or other disciplines. I especially urge this resource for educators like principals, school counselors, teachers, social workers, and professors. I urge this book especially for pastors and other church leaders. For sex trafficking does not discriminate. All these perpetrators “need” are vulnerable prey.

You may buy the book here.

The above image is courtesy of JUSTICE SOCIETY, an anti-human trafficking educational, consulting, and advocacy nonprofit which promotes this book. Click here to visit this website.

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