Attention: Hold Key 2 Solving Case?

Attention: Hold Key 2 Solving Case?

Attention: Hold key 2 solving a case?
Can you end a family’s nightmare?
Can you bring their loved one home?
Do you know who killed their loved one?

Attention: Hold Key 2 Solving Case?
The Nightmare of Not Knowing

There are many cases of missing children. Missing adults. Unidentified people. Unsolved crime cases. Wanted fugitives. Or those which are unknown to law enforcement (LE). Behind every one of these, there is a victim. In many cases, there are multiple victims. In every case,someone knows something. You may know where that missing child or adult is. Or you may have been told something that can help find him or her. And that unidentified person? Do you hold the key to giving the person back their name? You may be in the position to match the person with a missing person.

There is nothing worse than not knowing. This applies to many things in life. It certainly applies to any unsolved crime case. Because as long as any case remains unsolved, justice is being denied. Criminals are free when they should be locked up. Families endure the nightmare of not knowing where a loved one is. Not knowing what happened to them. Those with murdered loved ones suffer when they don’t know who did it. Justice is denied when that people, living or dead, don’t have their names.

There are high-profile cases. And far more low-profile cases. And in every case, LE is counting on someone who has information about it. They can do a lot that we, the general public, can’t. But they can’t solve any case on their own. That’s where we, the public, come in. LE so often tell us, “If you see something, say something.” If you tune into Investigation Discovery, you can hear about solved cases. How did they get solved? In most of these cases, someone went to LE and gave information that lead to finding the person. Lead to finding the killer. To getting the fugitive captured. And to giving that unidentified person back her name.

Attention: Hold Key 2 Solving A Case?
The Burden of Knowing

Knowing about a crime is a large burden. This holds doubly true if one of your loved ones was involved. The Bible tells us, “With knowledge comes sorrow.” That certainly applies to knowing about a crime. And if you depend on the involved person for your economic survival? What about if the person is your best friend? Your employer? Most tragic of all, what if the person involved is your own child? Well, yours is a difficult choice. But somewhere, a family is counting on you to end their nightmare. A victim is counting on you for justice and answers. An unidentified person needs her name back. If alive, he or she wants to find her family.

With knowledge comes responsibility. But when it is coupled with fear, it becomes torture. Most of us don’t want to get law enforcement (LE) involved. I know I don’t! If we’re normal, I dare say our last instinct is to go to LE with what we may know. That’s me. Why this reluctance? Many of us are raised to mind our own business. Don’t get involved! Stay out of things that don’t involve you. And don’t snitch on your family! That’s how I was raised. And I’m still trying to reprogram myself from this kind of upbringing. I know that there are times when I could have gone to LE when I did not. All in the name of “minding my business.”

Attention: Hold Key 2 Solving A Case?
What Is Minding Our Business?

Minding our business may not be everything. Maybe we should take on the role of the “snitch” sometimes. I know that in most cases, we should protect our loved ones and ourselves from gossip and rumors. And we ought to respect confidentiality and privacy. But when it comes to matters of safety? And illegal activity? We ought to be willing to speak out. Stand up. Get nosy. And get involved. I know it’s not easy. Esecially if you were raised not to get involved. To mind your own business. But many of us so often “sit on the story.” And when we finally are emboldened to tell, LE ask: “Why didn’t you come to the police earlier?”

Thousands of cases remain unsolved. So many missing children need to be found. Many missing adults need to be located. Large numbers of unidentified people needs their names back. So their families can have answers. If living, so they can reunite with their families. And many, many crime victims await justice. If we have credible tips that can solve cases, we can dial 9-1-1 or our local police department. And if we must be held accountable for any role in the case? Well, that is the chance we take. Ending nightmares and saving lives is worth it.

Is there something we need to do?

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I'm a Christian, meaning that I have a relationship with God, through trust in His Son Jesus. Through this website, which is currently the only website I have, It is a full-time job to give myself to this website, which includes updating cases. I seek to broadcast missing people, unidentified people, and crime victims. These include those of all ages, races, religions, and walks of life. If you see something on here that needs an update, please contact me. Thank you.

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